Frequently Asked Questions

Tint Ur Ride® proudly installs a range of quality films including Suntek, UltraGard, 3M, Johnsons, Global, Avery and more. Each of the films are backed by nationwide manufacturer warranties for your peace of mind.
Each Tint Ur Ride® store is owner operated, passionate about the industry and work together to pass on savings to our customers. The brands of film we carry are carefully chosen by us, but if there is a brand of film you prefer, let us know and we can order it!

The first Tint Ur Ride® store opened in 2007 in Belmont and we have over 80 years combined experience in the tinting industry.

Where are your stores located?

All stores are in NSW:

  • Belmont North
  • Condell Park
  • Morisset
  • West Gosford

Why tint?

Window tint not only looks good, but is beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Window tinting provides 99% UV protection, protecting you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Protects vehicle and property interior from fading
  • Blocks glare for safer driving
  • Acts as an insulator to keep the vehicle & home cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Provides security and privacy
  • Help reduce air conditioner running costs

How dark/light should I go?

The darkest legal tint in NSW is 35% VLT for the front driver and front passenger windup windows. 20% VLT is permitted on rear passenger and rear windows.

Commercial vehicles may have a darker than 20% VLT on the rear windows. Please refer to the RMS website for more information on tinting laws. Please note that installing darker than legal film on your car will defect your vehicle and you may be denied insurance if visibility was the cause of an accident.

Some glass already has a slight VLT rating, therefore you may need to install a lighter film than 35% to keep it legal. (i.e 38% or 40% etc) depending on the car. Please check with your car manufacturer and advise us if you will require a lighter film.

Each film have their own unique features. If you are after an affordable film our Carbon range is extremely popular. We also have High Performance metalised films that offers excellent heat rejection or our prestige range of Nano-Ceramic Films offer fantastic heat rejection and scratch resistance. Feel free to visit us to view samples and receive an obligation free quote.

*** Update 2018: New Laws in place now permit 20% film on the rear windows of cars. You are still required to have 35% on the front driver and passenger windows. For further clarification on the new VLT laws, please visit the RMS website or contact us. 

Do you have Gift Vouchers?

Yes. All Gift Vouchers are posted FREE (via Regular Post) and can be redeemed on any Tint Ur Ride product or service. Vouchers can be sent via Express Post by request (express postage charges will apply). To order, please call or visit one of our stores. We accept cash or Credit Card payment by phone for Gift Vouchers.

What do you tint?

Tint Ur Ride can tint all glass windows on houses, cars, motorhomes, boats, shops and businesses. On cars, we tint all windows except the front windscreen.

For boats, we can tint them in or out of the water provided the weather is relatively calm.

For homes and business, we have a large range of films from reflective, frosted, decorative and more.

Where do you service?

If you would like your car tinted, you will need to bring your car to one of our stores. For all home, boat and business tinting, we can come to you at a time that suits you.

Window film is installed on the inside of the car windows, so we can tint rain/hail/shine.

When are you open?

Tint Ur Ride stores are open Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Some of our stores are also open on Saturdays by appointment.

We are closed on public holidays and most of our stores close over the Christmas and New Year break.

What is window stripping/removal?

Window stripping is the removal of unwanted window tint that has faded, turned purple or hazy or got air bubbles. This sometimes occurs when the original tint has aged or the adhesive has failed over time. Window tint can also deteriorate if it has been cleaned with harsh chemicals like Windex. We can remove old window tint using professional tools that will protect the glass and rear demisters. If you are selling your car, Tint Ur Ride recommends you remove unattractive old tint for safety and visibility reasons.

What about Warranty? What if I need to make a claim? 

It is important to keep your warranty card and tax invoice safe. Tint Ur Ride do no record customer warranty details therefore please keep your warranty card safe as you are unable to make a claim without one.

The warranty for your window film is honoured by the window film manufacturer. Each manufacturer have their own terms and conditions outlined on the warranty card. They require the Warranty Card and Proof of Purchase (tax invoice).
If you have a warranty card and proof of purchase – please contact the Manufacturer via the details on your warranty card. They will review your claim and once accepted, will contact an Installer to replace the film for you. If you have moved houses/interstate etc, they can find an installer near your location for your convenience.

Window Film Warranties are non-transferrable and only honoured to the original owner of the vehicle who had the film installed. This is a condition of the Manufacturer.

If you are unable to contact the Window Film Manufacturer, please call your nearest Tint Ur Ride store. Please note you must have a warranty card and proof of payment. We are unable to lodge your claim to the manufacturer without these.

Where is your Head Office?

Tint Ur Ride is a unique Group in that it allows flexibility to the owner-operator stores in the range of services they provide. If you have any inquiries please contact your nearest store.

If you have any feedback, compliments or complaints with a Tint Ur Ride store, please email with your details.