What is the legal tint in NSW?

Please visit https://legislation.nsw.gov.au/#/view/regulation/2017/451/sch2 for the latest information on NSW window tinting laws. We have listed some information below which is current at the time of writing but laws can change at any time without notification and therefore the information below may be out of date. Please also visit RMS website if you require further questions on NSW window tinting laws.

At the time of writing, a standard passenger vehicle is permitted 35% VLT window tint on the front driver and front passenger windows.
20% VLT window tint is permitted on the rear passenger windows and rear window.

What is VLT?
VLT stands for Visual Light Transmission. Window Film comes in various VLT levels which is identified via a percentage.  The percentage is the amount of light that passes through the film. The higher the VLT percentage i.e. 70% VLT, the lighter the window film will be. The lower the VLT percentage i.e. 5% VLT, the darker the window film will be.

Summary of Legal Tint In NSW

– All cars must have no darker than 35% VLT on the front driver and passenger windows.
– Cars are permitted 20% VLT on the rear passenger windows and rear window.
– Certain Commercial Vehicles are permitted films as dark as 5% VLT on the rear windows to protect goods in transit. Visit RMS website to see if your vehicle is permitted.
– No window film is permitted on the front windshield of any vehicle except for a sun strip that runs across the top of the windshield.
– Cars with Privacy Glass that is 20% VLT or darker are not legally permitted to have any window film placed over the privacy glass (even if it’s a clear film)
– Cars with Privacy Glass lighter than 20% VLT are permitted to have window film installed on the privacy glass as long as the combination VLT of privacy glass and window film does not fall below 20%. The vehicle must still have 35% VLT on the front driver and passenger windups.

If you have any further questions please contact your nearest Tint Ur Ride store on information on the legal window tint in NSW.